Woof, Woof! I Am Glad To See You!

Hello there! Janet here :) I’m an expat currently situated in sunny Singapore. Welcome to my blog about dogs and life! Without further ado, here’s my very first blog post -

Dogs make for the best companions in the world. There is no comparison for the love and loyalty that a dog has for its owner. If the video above made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, you’re not alone. Many people around the world love their canine companions. In fact, we adore our mongrel buddies so much, we’ve created many things to celebrate them, from TV Shows about dogs, to dog hotels, and even doggy furniture.

When I first brought my maltese home, I was over the moon. The little guy was absolutely adorable and full of energy. Watching him grow up was some of the most rewarding moments of my life. When he was young, he loved to chew on stuff around the house, including my furniture. I didn’t mind that too much through, because I furnish my house on a budget.

Do you have a dog in your life too? If yes, what type of dog do you own? If not, what’s stopping you from getting one?

It is widely known that having a dog in one’s life brings about many benefits. A dog’s companionship can help make you a happier person, and they can even help you get over depression.

There are many places in Singapore where you can get a dog. However, instead of buying one, I highly encourage you to adopt a dog at the SPCA. There are many dogs there are in need of a home, and you’ll be doing all of doggie-kind a huge favour by choosing to adopt a canine, instead of purchasing one from a store that got the dog from a puppy farm.

I would like to end off my introductory post with this funny video of dogs feeling guilty. I hope it lightens up your day :)